History of the Zetor meeting


  1. Zetor-Meeting 2016From the idea to the meeting.
    The first Zetor meeting took place 2016 into acting out (Saxony-Anhalt) at the Welk family on the newly acquired farm. The first attempt was immediately received very positively, Almost every participant brought something for the grill and other food and drink, also many came with their own Zetor some without. Despite the cloudy weather on Saturday and Sunday, an absolutely successful kick-off event, which all participants like to think back to again and again.
    On Saturday there was a delicacy for the participants, and in the evening we sat in the well-heated party room until late, ate and drank.
    Sponsored by Frank Barth, all participants received a red Zetor baseball cap as a welcome gift.
    Many thanks to the organizers: David Welk and family

  2. Zetor-Meeting 2017The second Zetor meeting took place in Wiesenena (Saxony) on the farm of the Weisse family, which at the same time started as a freelance Zetor spare parts dealer (ETH-White) announced. Again numerous active participants came with their Zetor tractors but also more visitors. The meeting was right on 1,5 Days created, so that it was worth traveling from further afield. The participants around Fam. Stobbe-Rathjens, who arrived in the group by axis from near Hamburg on Friday.
    On Saturday there was a lot of snacking and eating again, But there was also a short trip with the tractors and sunshine into the blooming surrounding area incl. Photo appointment.
    In the afternoon there was a Zetor motto cake for everyone and lots of cakes that some participants brought with them.
    There was a lot to talk about for everyone, The exchange of experiences was very lively and so there were still some photo and video contributions with open ends in the evening.
    On Sunday there was an early break for everyone who stayed and then it was over again.
    Many thanks to the organizers: Annett and Joachim Weisse from the spare parts business Weisse

  3. Zetor-Meeting 20182018 The Zetor meeting came to the Stobbe-Rathjens family near Hamburg – How should it be different – are also self-confessed Zetor fans and collectors. The meeting took place in scorching heat on a large meadow with a marquee and refrigerator truck. The Zetor dealer IBH and the spare parts dealer ETH-Weisse were there as well as even more Zetor crazy people with their tractors.
    This time the Saxons should have had the longest journey, the journey by axis or. getrailert went smoothly and took place again on Friday.
    Here, too, there was a lot to tell and experiences to be exchanged among like-minded people. In addition, in the evening a nice little tour with the tractors and an ice cream van on site. great. Of course, the motto cake could not be missing again – Strawberry marzipan, delicious.
    On Sunday morning shopping was announced again and, unfortunately, departure again.
    Many thanks to the organizers: Stobbe-Rathjens family and Lolli

  4. Zetor-Meeting 2019In the year 2019 the Zetor meeting took place again in Saxony. This time with the Barth family in Leipzig Knauthain on the property of their own large laundry. After the heat of summer in 2018, the sun rejoiced significantly less this year, the temperatures were sometimes only single digits and a rain shower came down from time to time. However, everything was again well planned and so we participants could make ourselves comfortable in the well-heated party room.
    The first participants arrived on Friday afternoon and so there were many diesel talks on Friday until late at night.
    On Saturday there was the now obligatory little trip with the Zetor tractors, which this time paused at a beekeeping farm. A photo appointment after delicious cakes and then back to the Barth family's laundry. Arrived on site there was a surprise from Ricarda and Rico, who handed over a Moto-Torte which immediately found enthusiastic buyers among the participants.
    As usual, Sunday morning shopping was announced again. After that, the hard core of the participants went home again.
    Many thanks to the organizers: Frank Barth and family
  5. Zetor-Meeting 2020/2021The last one so far (current) Zetor had to meet due to the 1. Corona wave and the associated restrictions of 2020 on 2021 be moved. We remain optimistic and hope in May 2021 to a successful one 2. Start in Remda(Teichel) with the Morgenroth family.

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  6. Zetor-Meeting 2022In planning. It should be in Dorsten (NRW) with the Pieper family, proven Zetor fans and collectors, statt finden.