5. Zetor-Meeting 2020

Corona: The decision on a date cancellation will take place on 10. May 2020 – until then is the deadline!

Thursday, 21. May, Ascension

– Meet at “Traktor Museum Remda” for everyone
– Arrival of Zetor Tractors (Camper)

Friday, 22. May, Zetor only – only for Zetor tractors / driver / owner

only for Zetor tractors / driver / owner
– Zetor-Breakfast
– Diesel-Talks
– Tractor evening cinema

Saturday, 23. May, ZETOR meeting

– Zetor breakfast for Zetor meeting participants
– Zetor tractor exit in the surrounding area
– Dumpling and Roast according to grandma's recipe for all Meeting participants
– Zetor tractor competitions
– Book reading with Dieter Ochs
– presentation “Design of the tractor Museum Remda”

Sunday, 24. May, departure

– Zetor breakfast for meeting participants
– Departure of the participants

For the physical Well-being is catered for on all days. Admission is free!

flyer German: 5. Zetor meeting 2020.PDF
approach: route planen (google maps)

Zetor Super P Map

2 comments on 5. Zetor-Meeting 2020

    1. Hi there,
      ok, perhaps that is formulated somewhat unfortunate or. was a typo (Sunday Saturday)- are invited to a “Zetor meeting” Zetor driver / owner with or without their Zetor tractor.
      – Thursday is open to everyone with what ever he / she / it arriving or. takes part. The camping is reserved for Zetor driver / owner.
      – Friday is reserved for Zetor owner / driver with or without Zetor, NO visitor / Zuschauertag as Thursday or Saturday, Here we want to stay Zetor driver / owner among us.
      – Saturday is the main day, the actual Zetor meeting. They are loaded Zetor owner / driver with and without tractor, in addition is also open to visitors / viewers / Interested.
      As well as on all other days, others not designed for tractor manufacturers / brands, for it is indeed a Zetor tractors are meeting and thus should be in focus and their Zetor tractors again. Who wants to travel by a tractor another brand on Saturday, should please be sure to return advance us. As long as it is not excessive is sure about that a solution.
      There will be no brands open meeting but generally – which are enough other. ­čśë
      – Sunday only Departure Day. There will again be a Zetor breakfast for the remaining Zetor driver / owner and then everyone breaks strengthened to return home.

      I hope this could explain what, when something goes. I will adjust the on the main something.
      greetings, Joachim

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